Valerie Yeang – Customer profiling for a fashion label

Entrepreneur Valerie Yeang hails from Singapore, from whence she has bought highend fashion label ‘Pulling Strings’. She came to Idea Shop with a good vision for her brand but needed ideas for how to reach her target market: Affluent late twenty-somethings.

The problem:

How could she get to know the market? How could she get to know her customers?

The solution:

Visualising a ‘customer base’ is hard. It’s intangible and vague. We helped Valarie fill in the gaps and make her customers real by asking a few questions. (Where would you want your ideal customer to live in London? Where would they work? What would they do?’) We started running scenarios with her and we could see she got a good picture of her perfect customer. Amongst other things, she thought they’d live in Notting Hill. Time for research then! We suggested Valerie go to Notting Hill – did she pick the right spot for her customers? Could she ‘see’ them there? The further we explored this approach the clearer her customer became. We suggested picking up local newspapers to the area, going out to Notting Hill at peak times and at quiet times. How could ‘Pulling Strings’ become a real part of that location? She liked the advice and said she’d put it to good use.

Building a profile of your ideal customer, or of a few different types of customer is really useful exercise. It will help you think of new ways to talk to them about your existing products and services. It may even inspire you to create new products and services to meet their needs. Give them names. Cut out pictures from magazines of what you think they might look like. Think about where they go on holiday, do they have a family, do they have a partner, where do they live, what technology they use, where they hang out, what books they read, their hobbies, what makes them happy, sad, angry. Get to know them as well as you know your best friends and you’ll soon think of great ways to connect with them.