Warmahorn – funky individualistic protection of brass instruments

Post by Corin Wing, Ogilvy 4D Oxford

Ali Kedge came to the ideas shop to brainstorm on how best to raise the profile of her business ‘Warmahorn’ on a limited budget. Although brass is often associated with traditional, mundane, old fashioned brass bands Ali, whose background is in costume design, aims to challenge these perceptions by bringing colour, customisation and fun to brass instruments.

While talking to Ali it became clear that Warmahorn’s practical, neoprene accessories were more than just eye-catching gimmicks. Brass musicians themselves had commented on the value of protecting their ‘babies’ from the evitable war wounds associated with life on the road. In addition, the neoprene covers kept their brass instruments warm and enhanced sound quality.

After reviewing Warmahorn’s website it also became clear that Ali had already invested an incredible amount of money, time and effort in creating a ‘Warmahorn storm’ in the musical world. Not only had Ali appeared on programmes such as Dragon’s Den but she had already been endorsed by artists such as Brian Newman (Lady Gaga’s trumpet player) and the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

There were many ideas discussed, from suspending trumpets sporting Warmahorn covers from wires hanging from the ceiling of an exhibition stand to giving Warmahorn covers to competition winners at the prestigious Guĉa brass music festival. Given the fact that one of Warmahorn’s key markets is young, amateur brass players the importance of building and maintaining a digital presence through blogs, utube and facebook was also discussed.

Ultimately a number of key themes arose – the importance of creating spokes people and advocates beyond the niche world of brass, the necessity of identifying a product position, image, personality and a snappy one-liner core claim and the assembly of a take away promotional pack which could be produced on request or sent to those ‘difficult to reach’ artists.

For more information, visit http://www.warmahorn.com